Video Content Creator, Photographer, YouTuber
I'm a believer in the fight. Keeping it simple. Being obsessive over craft, making it personal and being creatively passionate.

I'm curious, empathetic, rigorous, and experimental. I appreciate a holistic way of solving filmic, photographic, and creative problems. I like accelerated methodologies. Thinking quick, and learning through testing but not discounting a creators intuition.

I seek to learn what works and do more of it. Learn what doesn't and change it.
Incessantly driven to live the creative lifestyle, I create a multitude of content covering Los Angeles travel, travel news, film, and photography; with an emphasis on quality and efficiency. Focusing my attention as an independent, freelance creative.

This site is a hub for both my professional portfolio of filmmaking, photography and video editing work, as well as an outlet for my bespoke content creation through blogging and YouTube productions.
As my online audience continues to grow and the balance for my working hours shifts from being a full-time video editor, to full-time content creator, this site will expand and document the journey!

Read more about my expansive set of professional skills and what I can do to greatly improve your creative projects.

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The power and drive of believing anything is possible, can literally change your life. My strive for the unachievable perfection and wanting to inspire others, is what motivates me forward.
Since turning freelance, I’ve gained control of my own schedule, income, creative direction and availability for personal projects. It’s opened up many opportunities to experience travel even from within my very own city and I want to share those experiences with you.
From countryside roots in central California, to bustling city life in L.A., my focus is now all about becoming self-sufficient for a healthy work/life balance, with priorities set on collaborating and networking with others and documenting my journey.
I'm active across collaborations; startups, freelance, special projects, personal projects and I've recently started a YouTube channel.


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If you’d like to hire me as a freelancer, discuss business or sponsorship opportunities across any of my social platforms, or you’re looking for advice, feel free to get in touch!
As a creator, I seek to own creative excellence at every touch-point. I'm a passionate student of lifestyle imagery, trends, competitors, and culture. Through listening, learning and mining insights, I fight for work that directs my client's brand into amazing places.
I'm a firm believer that simple is hard. And that video and photography is truly about joy with others and making people's lives better.​​​​​​​

Thank you!