Videographer Photographer and Editor
I'm currently open to creative projects!
No matter what creative project you are working on, I’m sure there’s a way I can fit in! I am currently based in Pasadena, California but open to work globally across a variety of industries.
If you’re looking to work with me on some promotional video opportunities or campaigns, please refer to the press pages.
My experience working with brands and small businesses gives me a high calibre of expertise for extremely large projects with an attention right down to the finest of details.
My skills as a videographer, photographer, and editor are extremely well developed and almost unheard of amongst most creatives. I’m a logical, methodical thinker with a sharp edge on my focus and attention to detail.
Video Content Editing
•Modern Whoosh transitions and effects
•Color Correction and Color Grading for increased visual engagement
•Strong Sound post-production and Sound Effects for audible engagement
•Multi ratio renders for social marketing content including IGTV
Photography and Filmmaking
•Events, candid and live streaming
•Travel and destination exploration
•Landscape and environmental location based Travel and lifestyle
•Expert retouching and asset management skills
Social Media
•Advanced strategic content planning
•High quality content production
•Years worth of extensive research and continued analysis of successful and competing profiles/trends
Thank you!

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